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Visual performance I 0,5+ I 20' + 20'

Capacity: 12 TP I 1 half class Sc

As children, we all experienced the pleasure of sliding under the table to live adventures, while remaining at the centre of our world: at the heart of the domestic universe. In this refuge, our imaginary journeys had no limits.Children and parents slide together under the table. The stage above their heads forms a huge screen and reveals the changing shadows of a pretty bouquet of flowers. Soon, the table is set: they are invited to watch, from below, hidden, the metamorphosis of the table. On the other side of the mirror, where everything is turned upside down, another meal takes place, a shifted meal where the absurd and poetry take over and happily shake up the throes of everyday life.

Design and performance: AnneSara Six and Isabelle Pauly

Artistic assistance: Marie Van Roey

Music : Stéphane Grégoire Outside eye : Oriane Varak

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