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Une Tribu Collectif​
Table puppet I 12+ I 60'
Capacity: 200

Have you ever thought about the life of a puppet? Never make a decision. Never think. Never choosing. A whole life delegated to others: manipulators.

Is it fantastic or terrible? And what can a puppet do if he keeps putting on the same show over and over again, a show he doesn't like? What can she do to change things?

So she decides to give it all she's got and take control of the puppeteers. She no longer wants to live by proxy and wants to decide for herself what happens to her. But to do that, she'll have to convince the puppeteers, who themselves want their jobs.  The puppet makes promises, but nobody among the artists really believes them.

So we're asking the audience for their opinion: "Can we dream of another system?

Design, direction, acting and puppet manipulation: Cécile Maidon, Noémie Vincart, Michel Villée

Photos: Céline Chariot

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