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Theater / movement I 06+ I 55'
Capacity: 150 TP I 150 Sc

When you arrive in the world, you know nothing about it, you have to discover everything! To tame your body, to confront your image and to build your identity. Which door to open, which color to choose, which gender to adopt? Who do we want to become? How to define oneself without being put in a box or ending up in a narrow drawer? And what to do when your own reflection decides to interfere?

Script and direction: Ariane Buhbinder 
Set design : Sylvianne Besson
Costumes: Samuel Dronet
Sound design: Josselin Moinet
Movements: Caroline Cornelis
Make-up: Rebecca Flores-Martinez 
Set construction, fittings, painting: Yves Hauwaert, Sylvianne Besson, Miette Leslie De Geyter
Interpretation : Jules and Gaspard Rozenwajn in alternation
Stage manager and stage hand: Miette Leslie De Geyter
Lighting and stage management: Nicolas Fauchet

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