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Cie O Quel Dommage​
Giant object theatre I 03+ I 40'
Capacity: 130 all audience I 110 school

Once upon a time there was a line, a circle and a triangle. By magic, here they are alive, as if coming out of a drawing. They materialize in three dimensions and find themselves facing the discovery of themselves and their sensations. Then the stage becomes a small world of its own in which three forms get to know each other by exploring their tactile universe, playing to explore it and exploring it to play.

A field of experimentation where the bodies are given a voice and codes are invented. Playing together is learned and finding the balance is not always easy. Cosquillas is a giant object theatre show dedicated to the strength of the body, to playful sensuality and to respecting the limits of each person.

Clara Lopez Casado, writing and acting 

Sandrine Clark, writer and set designer
Tom Mannaerts and Zosia Ladomirska, actors

Julie Antoine, director

Isabelle Verlaine, dramaturgy assistant

Mark Dehou, composer

Gaetan Van Den Berg, lighting designer Sound and light control

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