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Cie O Quel Dommage​
Giant object theatre I 03+ I 40'
Capacity: 150 all audience I 150 school

Once upon a time there was a line, a circle and a triangle. By magic, here they are alive, as if coming out of a drawing. They materialize in three dimensions and find themselves facing the discovery of themselves and their sensations. Then the stage becomes a small world of its own in which three forms get to know each other by exploring their tactile universe, playing to explore it and exploring it to play.

A field of experimentation where the bodies are given a voice and codes are invented. Playing together is learned and finding the balance is not always easy. Cosquillas is a giant object theatre show dedicated to the strength of the body, to playful sensuality and to respecting the limits of each person.

Initiator: Clara Lopez Casado
By: Sandrine Clark and Clara Lopez
With: Zosia Ladomirska, Tom Mannaerts and Clara Lopez
Directed by: Julie Antoine
Artistic accompaniment: Isabelle Verlaine
Set design: Sandrine Clark
Composer: Mark Dehou
Lighting design: Gaëtan Van den Berg
Inspiration, illustration and graphics: Laura Nicolas
Sound and lighting control: Grib Borremans

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