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Mes Idées Fixes is a company managing live shows for a young audience, founded by Pierre Ronti (click here for more information)


Mes Idées Fixes diffusion covers the entire field of the profession: approaching organisers, creating and prospecting professional networks, management of professional invitations, negotiation of cession contracts, issuing of quotes, booking of teams, management of tour schedules, editing of roadmaps, etc..

Mes Idées Fixes also assists theatre companies working in the field with public relations activities with cultural stakeholders (presence during representations, professional meetings, etc.)


Mes Idées Fixes diffusion wishes to work in a human and familiar way in order to stand by the artistic work of theatre companies in so far as is possible. In doing so, the organisation assists them at each stage of the creation, production and distribution process.

Mes Idées Fixes aims to act as an authentic window for creations for young audience in the Walloon-Brussels Federation and enable them to radiate / to make them shine towards national and international show organisers. By creating a close link with the latter, Mes Idées Fixes aims to be a key partner for the distribution spaces by offering them advice and choice in their research for shows

The primary objective of Mes Idées Fixes diffusion is to help create live shows that attract a large young audience.

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