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Dance I 4 to 18 months I 30' + 30'

Capacity: 44

Let's dive into the universe of the marine depths and the mystery of the abyss.

BABYSSES is a dance performance in which the sound and textile creation evoke and suggest this underwater atmosphere. A place in which the dancer, the defined elements and the raw material will live, vibrate, breathe and fluctuate together. Everything is within reach of the little ones. The dancer is close to her audience. They inhabit the same space. Immersed in this world, the spectator's senses are awakened.

At the end of the dance piece, the audience (toddlers and accompanying adults) are invited to enter the space, to discover and explore it in an interaction with the dancer and the materials.

Conception and creation: Erika Faccini and Aurore Brun Choreography and interpretation: Erika Faccini

Installation and textile creation: Aurore Brun

Sound creation: Brice Cannavo

Choreography, dramaturgy and lighting design: Javier Suàrez

Internal lighting design for the set: Raphaël Michiels

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